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Ellen P. Pfeiffer, RN, BSN, MA, CCM, CLNC


    Ellen has over three decades of practice in the nursing field. During this time, she has amassed a diverse and extensive knowledge and understanding of clinical and business expertise, patient care, medical procedures, standards of care, and case management experience. Not only has she worked in a hospital and ICU environment as both nurse and supervisor, she has instructed countless classes on critical and intensive patient care at St. Vincent's Medical Center, as well as currently training Clinical Nursing at Gaylord hospital for the Lincoln Technical Institute Nursing Program.


    In 2009, Ellen was retained as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to assist in World Trade Center litigation in a special six week medical record and review project. And in 2010, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association recognized Ellen where she gave a presentation on Analyzing Medical Records and the Qualities of the Testifying Nurse Expert.


    In addition to her CLNC work, Ellen and her staff also specialize in Workers’ Compensation consultation, medical and field case management services, medical and nursing malpractice and healthcare issues.