Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC

Our Services

A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant or CLNC® can save your law practice time and money. Mastery of both the medical and nursing aspects of a case is critical to achieving a successful outcome. Our team can help you quickly and efficiently review, interpret and decipher these medical records and their impact on your case. Here are some of the services we provide:



    - Interpret case relevance of medical records, policies & procedures and other documentation. 

    - Expeditious file review and screening prevents wasted legal time on non-meritorious cases.

    - Identify, locate, and interpret relevant documents and items significant to case preparation.

    - Prepare brief opinion reports and summarize medical records.

    - Locate and identify possible deviations from medical and nursing care standards.

    - Provide comprehensive research and documentation substantiating case development.

    - Assist with preparation of interrogatories and requests for production.

    - Locate expert witnesses who can support your case with authoritative testimony.



Our years of experience gives us firsthand knowledge of many of the issues you face in your practice and far more cost effective than using a medical doctor. The CLNC® network provides us with access to many additional professionals available as testifying experts.


Contact us if your case load includes medical or nursing malpractice, general personal injury, product liability, toxic tort or environmental cases, or any other case involving medical or nursing issues such as probate, Medicare fraud, Workers' Compensation or elder care.




Call us today and let our team help your team. References and work samples available upon request.